Chief Executive & Physician

Professor Hakim Dilshad Hussain Tabassum


Tibb-e-Islami Dawakhana (Regd.) is established in Pakistan. Our Country Pakistan is now very much known to everyone in the world. It is the country who has the title of first Muslim Atomic Power not only in the Asia, but all over the world. Tibb-e-Islami is established in such a country.

We have inherited Tibb and ancient formulas of medicines from our predecessors for more than 200 years and blend it with new medical research.

Dawakhana is serving the people for many years. This organization is one of those in which herbal medicines are prepared and advised to patients after a scientific research. People belonging to various fields took benefit from this organization, such as doctors, professors, traders, government servants, etc.

Professors & Doctors used to refer their patients of impotence, sexual weakness and male & female infertility cases with great confidence.
Tibb-e-Islami Dawakhana has maintained such confidence.

The Chief Executive Professor Hakim Dilshad Hussain Tabassum of
Tibb-e-Islami Dawakhana and his consulting team have developed this web site after a great hard work. In this web site problems of the infertile couples and solutions to those problems are given along with other general diseases.

A section of this site
contains the stuff relating the research work and benefits of herbs.

Tibb-e-Islami Dawakhana has established a correspondence department in which hakims, ladies tabiba, doctors, and herbal researchers will answer the letters, faxes, e-mails, and phone calls from the patients. If you have any problem or if you have any suggestion, you are well come.

This web site is built to help you to read about your problems and this enable to analyze your ailments. Chief Executive of Tibb-e-Islami Dawakhana (Regd.) Professor Hakim Dilshad Hussain Tabassum personally goes through every e-mail & a panel of expert Hakims review every individual case. Our Islami medicines has a legacy of more than 200 years of tradition & knowledge and our medicines are prepared strictly in accordance with the age old medical scripts, texts & manuals of Islami practice with the help of modern scientific tools. Now world renowned western doctors has conceded that where modern medicine failed to cure, there "Islami herbalism" steps in to cure the incurable.

Today Islami medicine is recognized worldwide by World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the alternative system of medicines & forms an integral part of national health care delivery system.


Tibb-e-Islami Dawakhana (r)

Late Ex-Prof.
Delhi Tibbia College
Hakim Abdul Aziz
Late Professor
Hakim Ikram-ud-Din


Professor Hakim Dilshad Hussain Tabassum is being awarded and famous personalities are meeting with him


President Professor Hakim Dilshad Hussain Tabassum

Members consultancy Council (Corresponding Department)

Prof. Hakim Anayat Hussain Prof. Hakim Muhammad Younus Prof. Hakim Muhammad Tanveer

Asistant Tabibs for Consultancy Board

  • Hakim Irshad Hussain

  • Hakim Ashraf Khan

  • Dr. Nasir Hussain

  • Dr. Muhammad Bashir

  • Tabiba Prof. Zakia Shahid

  • Tabiba Faiza Naseem

  • Tabiba Gul Rukh

  • Tabiba Zahida Jabeen



Research Department

President Professor Hakim Dilshad Hussain Tabassum

 (Herbs research & preparation of medicines)

Head of Department
Prof. Hakim & Doctor Muhammad Younus



Professors & Hakims Doctors Herbalists
* Muhammad Mujahid
* Ali Hasnain
* Muhammad Abbas
* Muhammad Abid
* Muhammad Bashir Alvi
* Muhammad Imran



Medicines Manufacturing Department

Prof. Hakim & Doctor Yaqoob Anwar Prof. Hakim Syed Tufail shah Prof. Hakim Mirza Ashraf Mahmood



Quality Control Department

Head of Department
Prof. Hakim & Doctor Yaqoob Anwar




Marketing Department

Director Marketing
Hakim Muhammad Rafique Khan

Marketing Managers:

Punjab Zone Sarhad Zone Sindh Zone Baluchistan Zone
Mumtaz Hussain
Imtiaz Hussain (MBA) Dildar Hussain
Hakim Irshad Hussian



Advertising and Computer  Department

Head of Department
Muhammad Azam Ch. (Master in Computer Science)





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